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Why do Termites exist in Malaysia & in the world?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Termites are actually an important part of the ecosystem This is because termites are efficient at breaking down cellulose, releasing its nutrients back to other organisms. Termites are among the most successful groups of insects on Earth, colonising most landmasses except Antartica (from wikipedia).

Termites are considered to be a major source (11%) of atmospheric methane, one of the prime greenhouse gases, produced from the breakdown of cellulose

Termites are important decomposers. They break down tough plant fibers, recycling dead and decaying trees into new soil. These hungry insects are vital to the health of our forests. As they tunnel, termites also aerate and improve the soil. It just so happens that we build our homes from termite food — wood.

This is a termite educational and informational video. Termites are an organized structural damaging pest. This pest is a common problem and issue in Malaysia and South East Asia

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