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Termite Replenishable System Malaysia

Landscape for buildings and homes serves as an important key feature to a beautiful façade.

Anything beautiful comes with care and maintenance. One key concern with garden and trees are Garden Termites & Subterranean Termites

Advance Termite System for Landscape Malaysia


Termite Mudtubes

Well the reason for this is depending on factors such as:

  • Density of Greenery in your area

  • Building or Development  Built on Ex-Plantation (Palm Oil, Rubber Estates)

  • Soil in Area rich in mineral

  • Health of the Tree (Weak or Strong)

  • Tree's Immune System

  • Age of the Tree (Young or Old Trees)

  • Type of trees (Soft or Hard Wood)

  • Empty Houses around your neighbourhood

  • Dead Trees outside your compound

  • Termite Nest or Mound close-by

  • Unused wood stacked up near-by


Trees do age, get sick just like human. Termite attack weak, sick, dying trees. They also attack trees that are weaker with immune system.

Hence, Kilstant White Ants has implemented a combination of methods to counter this. We usually combat termites using:

  1. Compound Spray

  2. In-Ground Baiting System

  3. Kilstant Reticulation System

Termite Mudtubes


reticulation system installation
Termite Box


Landscape Termite Reticulation


The Reticulation System for landscape protects the perimeter and the surrounding landscape as first line of defense. 

The system is usually installed along the perimeter of the garden and can be periodically injected .

The dispensers will disperse the termiticide liquid into the ground and spread via the soil and absorbed. This termiticide provides a line of defense so that the termites do not forage through the soil into your property.

Termite Baiting System

Termite baiting system is widely employed to control termites. Anti-termite baiting systems are one of the elements of  termite baiting systems, which are intended to keep termites out of homes. We'll look at how these systems function and how effectively they prevent termite infestations and control they are at preventing termite infestations and controlling termites. Syarikat Kilstant White Ants' anti-termite baiting systems have been on the market for over 20 years and were created after years of research. Termites cannot get through the gap to the home without also destroying the monitoring station since the distance between every station is so short. This is a very successful strategy for safeguarding buildings from termites because regular inspections are included in the administration of baiting systems.

Termite Control

You want to kill the termite colony, not just the termites in the building if you have a termite infestation. The colony will continue to pose a threat to your property unless you destroy it. Termite baits are the only proven means to exterminate a termite colony when the nest cannot be found - and finding the termite nest attacking a property isn't always easy. If your property is being attacked by termites, call us now to set an appointment with our experts who can provide you with valuable advice. 

Termite baiting system
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