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Dusting is a process where an insecticide is applied to the termites with the aim of eradicating the entire colony. The dust is applied directly to the termites through either bait stations or by direct application

Dusts will be used in where significant termite activities are spotted (Internal & External of the Building)

All termite infestations detected above the ground such as wooden structures, paneling, windows and doors frames, shelves, build-in-cabinets will be dusted. 

The dust adheres to the bodies of the termites in the workings, but does not kill them immediately. As they return to the colony they will pass the dust on to other termites in the colony when grooming other termites

It takes between 10 – 14 days for this part of the treatment to take full effect. It is important that termite activity is not disturbed prior to or after this part of the treatment for it to have full effect

Inspection will be carried out after 14 days. Incase of any fresh outbreak of  termite  infestations dusting treatment will be carried out again

Dusting system
Termite Dusting


Termite Attack Door Frame

Day 1 -

Before Dusting Procedure Termites are Seen Foraging and Damaging the Door Frames & Etc

Dead termites

Day 14 -

Termites are mostly on the floor. Termites that are not seen from within & behind the cracks and crevices has also surfaced terminated in the process. 


Controls 99% Termites in

14 Days

Controls 99% Termites in 14 Days

Dusting is best applied to sensitive areas Power Points, Expensive & Complex Wood Finishings

Worry Free

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