Anti Termite Piping System, Anti Termite Reticulation System

The Kilstant Reticulation System is by far our most advanced replenishable anti termite reticulation system available in Malaysia.

The objective is manage and mitigate this structural damaging pests, termite threats to buildings by protecting the footprint of the building.

The main advantage of our system over competitors is that this termite system is also applicable for Post Constructed Buildings during Renovation Stages

Advance Termite Reticulation System for
Kilstant Termite Reticulation System Overview


In Malaysia, 98% of Termites attack the building from beneath. Hence, the termite replenishable system is uniquely installed on the FOOTPRINT during the post constructed phase of a Property – Residential or Commercial.  

It's concept mimicks the dispersing system with filter to avoid blockages.

The termite reticulation system installed all along the beams (Internal & External Perimeter) & Garden Area of the property. 

In short, the termite replenishable system will be part of the structure throughout the life of the building.

The Kilstant Reticulation System have been the perfect partner to provide an effective termiticide replenishable barrier, yet minimise the total impact of the Environment. The System has been Extensively Tested & Installed for Clients around Malaysia


The advantage Kilstant Reticulation System has over competitor system out there is that the system is flexible enough to be impregnated into the slab of the existing building (before flooring) is done & garden area.


Building owners should consider this system when:

Extensive Renovation is being considered

Flooring Replacement is being considered.

Sizeable Garden & Landscape area is present

Area of Residence or Building is termite prone

Termite Peace of Mind is a main concern.

Owners has pets & senior members residing at home


Reticulation Termite Replenshabl system procedure in Malaysia. It is done durng renovation stages

STEP 1: Trenching

Kilstant Technical Team will require the building layout to propose the termite replenishable system & injection points  placement.

  • Sanitary Points,

  • Toilet

  • Kitchen

  • Staircase.

A trench deep enough is cut along the perimeter of the building (internal & external) to place the pipes.

STEP 2 - Slab Coring

Slab Coring is done using a heavy powered coring machine which will house the dispenser thru the slab and into the ground. Dispenser is placed into the hole cored (picture on the right). 

Each dispenser is fitted with  Geotextile Fabric to avoid any disruption of soil & dirt blockage.

At every Dispenser Outlet, Chemical is spread evenly into the soil which will protect the Ground Beam which is one of the first soil contact and termite entry points

Termite Replenishable System Circulatin Perimeter of the Landed House

STEP 3 - Connecting the System, Testing & Inspection

The termite replenishable system will be interconnected and locked together with the dispensers to form the system.

The termite reticulation system will all be concealed with cement to the floor level & contractors can continue the flooring works after

Testing & Inspection is done during the installation stages.

STEP 4 - Finishing Touches & Chemical Injection before owner moves in

A fresh round of termiticide will be injected via the Injection Points before the homeowners move in. The replenishable anti termite reticulation system will go unnoticed below the flooring. Building owners will surely be secured, protected & not worry about the re-occurrence of termites. Even if they do re-occur, just contact Kilstant White Ants and we will re-charge the chemical without hacking your brand new flooring 

Beautiful home Protected by Advance Termite Systems

 Advance Anti Termite System goes unnoticed below marble / tile flooring

Injection Point for future Chemical Replenishment

The reticulation system focuses on Ground Level & Critical areas such as:

Full documentation, reporting & warranty letter will be handed over to the main contractor & building owner.

Report will highlight date of installation, number of injection points, installation pictures and system layout.

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The function of the dispenser is to disperse the chemical into the soil in the future.