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Termite Control Ipoh

We have expanded our business to termite control Ipoh.  We work closely with numerous industrial and manufacturing enterprises throughout Perak because we recognise the importance of providing effective pest management solutions that guarantee your standards and reputation are not jeopardised by pest activity. With an increase in inbound travellers locally and internationally, the hospitality industry has expanded to satisfy the demand. We work with hotels, resorts, and restaurants to assist them to provide a positive visitor experience while also preserving their brand image.

Why Syarikat Kilstant White Ants

Termite Control


Many of our pest advisors and exterminators have obtained the training they need to better their knowledge and experience dealing with various pests. As a result, they can handle any pest problem you may have quickly and effectively.

Termite Control Ipoh


We customise care plans to meet your specific requirements at a reasonable price. We are proud to say that Many of our clientele have contributed to our success by putting their trust in our pest control service. 

Termite Control Ipoh


Syarikat Kilstant White Ants remedies, tactics, and gear have all proven to be safe and effective. We do care about the environment, therefore you can be certain that you'll be in excellent hands while you're with us.

Termite control Ipoh

Our Service

Every pest control professional we have from Syarikat Kilstant White Ants has received the necessary training to help them develop the necessary skills and knowledge to aid them throughout operations. When it comes to extermination, our exterminators place great importance on your safety. As a consequence, we don't just use any pest control solution that comes along. Syarikat Kilstant White Ants will always perform research and testing to guarantee that the remedies we use do not include any harsh or poisonous ingredients that could make you and everyone else sick.

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