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Termite Treatment Malaysia

Termites are one of the most destructive pest infestations that any experienced homeowner has ever confronted. Termites are detrimental because they ruin the structure of a home, even though they don't bite, contaminate your food, or carry diseases. Termites can eat furniture, demolish walls, harm timber, and seriously damage homes. As a result, it's critical to keep termites under control before they cause more damage. We use several steps to handle and treat the termites. To keep termites away from the foundation, for example, soil-applied liquid termiticides are applied around it. Termite baits are another method of termite control Kuala Lumpur. Our termite treatment Malaysia and controls are long-lasting and effective.

Termite Treatment Malaysia

Our Services

We provide a wide range of termite treatment services for both residential and commercial establishments. Whether you have a little home or a huge business property with several rooms, our staff can find the perfect solution for you. A complete termite inspection will be performed by Syarikat Kilstant White Ants’ trained professionals. To establish a zone of protection, our three-part treatment will be applied to the interior, exterior, and any sensitive portions of your property. For as long as you keep your plan, we'll come back every year to inspect, treat, and reinforce your home's protective barrier within the warranty with us.

Hire Us

Our company's major goal is to provide just the best in terms of quality to each and every client. We're on a mission to become a premier termite control Kuala Lumpur company by providing high-quality services with a focus on client happiness.

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