Let the intruders stay away because Kilstant has the way.

This page will introduce Owners of Existing Building to a Classic proven method of keeping termite infestation away.

This way is very effective method that has been practised ever since.

Unlike other operators, who practices the method of just drilling the floor, injecting chemical & PATCHING with cement, Kilstant White Ants has taken the extra step to improve the outlook & outcome so that home owners will be happier and satisfied

Kilstant White Ants is introducing the Kapping System to home owners with termite infestation as long-term solution


Building owners need to know & understand that: 

  • Subterranean Termites "nest" in the soil and from there they can attack building structures from the soil to the wood contact.

  • This is a 2nd stage Anti Termite Treatment in which the soil establishes a termiticide barrier in the soil under and adjacent to a building. The  first stage would be the Dusting Method. 

  • A continuous barrier must be established along the inside and outside of the foundation wall & under the slabs 

  •  Kapping System's core belive & practice is that the vertical chemical barrier is established in the soil will protect the building. Termiticide is applied by rodding from the top of the grade to the top of the footing or till it reaches the soil. 


  • Kapping System is a method where pea sized holes are made till soil and thereafter chemical is injected till soil & furnished with plastic or brass Kaps. This system is under patent pending with id: PI 2016700191

  • The main difference between Kapping Method & Conventional method is in the initial drilling stages & the finishing touch and outlook. 

  • We understand the agony of a houseowner or building owner when termite damages occur and plenty of unforseen expenses piles up such as replacing the damages & termite treatment itself.

  • The last thing anyone wants is a patch of cement that look pretty hideous and gives you heartache & eye-sore after the treatment

  • Therefore we have developed Kaps which could be plugged in to cover the holes & be used again in future

  • These points could be re-filled in future by just twisting it open and by doing so we eliminate the cost of manpower of re-hacking & re-drilling

Termite System, Old and New
Termite System, Old and New


Diamond Cutter


Floor Tiles are cut neatly with diamond cutter. The floor tiles are cut into holes.

Termite holes placement


The tiles (holes) are cut every 5ft apart and placed approximately 4 inches from the wall 

Chemical Slab Injection

15 litres of ‘Diluted Toxic Chemical Soil Mixture in correct proportion is injected into each holes using a high-powered sprayer and this is followed with a Concentrated Oil Based Chemical Solution.


The drilling method will be peform to penentrate the slab till it reaches the soil. This will create a cavity to injec the chemical


Termite Caps


Optional Brass Caps which provides a premium outlook to your flooring.


Termite Caps

Plastic Caps that has the closest match to the color  of the tile



One-time installation and a long-term investment to secure home/building against termite attacks



No damage to the tiles as the Capping System conceals the hole with neat Fiber Cap


Re-service or re-inject chemicals in future without boring the holes again

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