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Innovative Termite Drilling Method for L


Army Green Flat
Cream Color Upright
Dark Brown Sideways
  • Subterranean Termites are pests that originates from the ground. They will enter your property in matter of time to forage for food. 

  • Kilstant understands the nature of this pest well and The Kapping System is practiced to establish a termiticide barrier in the soil underneath the building. 

  • Kapping System's core belief & practice is that the vertical chemical barrier established in the soil will protect the building from this damaging pest. Termiticide is applied by rodding from the top through the slab till the cavity reaches the soil. 

  • This will ensure that the chemical can be injected till it reaches the soil and protects the building beneath. 


  • The main difference between Kapping Method & Conventional method is in the aesthetic finishing and the ability for chemical reservice in future

  • We understand the agony of house & building owner when termite damages occur and plenty of unforseen expenses piles up such as replacing the damages & termite treatment itself.

  • The last thing any house owner wants is a patch of cement that look pretty hideous and gives you an eye-sore after the treatment

Termite pest control methods
  • Therefore we have developed Kaps which could be plugged in to cover the holes & be used again in future

  • Pea Size holes are drilled on the flooring through the slab till it reaches the soil to inject termiticide (chemical) till it reaches the soil.

  • Once chemicals are injected, we will furnish the holes with plastic or brass Kaps. This system is under patent pending with id: PI 2016700191

  • These points could be re-filled in future by just twisting it open and by doing so we eliminate the cost of manpower of re-hacking & re-drilling

Kapping system


Termite Drilling Stage
Holes Drilled 5ft apart for termiticide

5 ft


Floor Tiles are carefully drilled with a heavy powered drilling machine. The drilling method will be performed to penetrate the slab till it reaches the soil. This will create a cavity to inject the chemical


The tiles (holes) are drilled every 5ft apart and placed approximately 4 inches from the wall 

Termiticide injection


15 litres of ‘Diluted Toxic Chemical Soil Mixture in correct proportion is injected into each holes using a high-powered sprayer and this is followed with a Concentrated Oil Based Chemical Solution.


Termite Brass Kaps


Holes are neatly plugged with Plastic Kaps or Brass Kaps based on client's requirements. These kaps serve as an easy access for chemical refilling when required in future. The cost for refilling is cheaper than the initial works as all the major works were done during the initial stage.



We have 11 colours for the Plastic Kaps that matches to the closest color of the tile. We have optional Brass Kaps which provides a premium outlook to your flooring.

Medium Blue
Dark Blue
Off Blue
Off Yellow
LL Grey
Army Green
Light Grey
Dark Grey
Light Brown
Dark Brown

The Brass Kaps were made to furnish the termite drill points to attain a premium outlook.

Brass Kaps are robust, sturdy and extremely durable and long lasting 

The Brass Kaps fit to most type of floorings such as tiles, granite, marble, wooden flooring, laminated flooring.

Brass Side View
Brass Front
Brass Side View


One-time installation and a long-term investment to secure home/building against termite attacks



No damage to the tiles as the Kapping System conceals the hole with neat Fiber Cap


Re-service or re-inject chemicals in future without boring the holes again

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