Termite Replenishable System Malaysia

The Kilstant Reticulation System is by far our most advanced reticulated termite replenishable system available in Malaysia to manage and mitigate termite threats to buildings. Termites are a known pest to buildings in Malaysia.

The system is on patent pending(PI 2015703934) stage and widely used among building owners, architects & contractors in Malaysia

Advance Termite Replenishable System in Malaysia and Dubai
Advance Reticulation System Overview in Malaysia


The system is specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention.

The termite system is fully integrated into the property during stages of construction & is permanently part of the structure throughout the life of the building.

The Kilstant Reticulation System is the perfect system to provide effective termiticide replenishable barrier via the reticulated piping system. The System has been Extensively Tested & Installed for Clients around Malaysia


The termite replenishable system begins its journey by planning on the structural drawing.

The termite replenishable system will be installed & reticulated with pipe all along the ground beam (as per image) and protect the footing designs where termites are most likely to breach.

This system has the following certifications, international compliances and appraisals:

Pressure :



PN or Class 16

High Grade PE material
Mechanical Compression Fitting
SPAN,SIRIM (MS 1058, ISO 4427)


Advance Termite System Installation


Termite System Malaysia, Termite Reticulation Syste Malaysia


Targets termites at direct source of entry


The infrastructure of the system eliminates the use of extensive manpower in future


The system is based on providing a contained system of termite control within the footprint of the structure. The system can further be extended for landscape installation too.


This system has a higher installation cost but on the long run, it works to be cheaper than conventional method due to the ease of termiticide injection.


The Reticulation System is worry free because it decreases the exposure of air-borne chemicals.




Clients are able to replenish chemical or non chemical based against termite once system is installed at ease. 

System is safely embedded into the structure and furnished with child-proof injection point.   

The system is capable of delivering new termiticide through-out the life of the building without spraying & hacking 


The Kilstant Termite Reticulation & Replenishable System begins the journey by planning  & sketching the system layout on the structural plan. We provide the full shop drawing of the system prior to the system installation.

Testing & Inspection is done during the installation stages.


Full documentation, reporting & warranty letter will be handed over to the main contractor & building owner.


Report will highlight date of installation, number of injection points, installation pictures and system layout.

Advance Termite System in Malaysia, Termite Protection for New Building in Malaysia, Termite Replenishable System in Malaysia

Termite Reticulation System

Termite reticulation system can be installed in a new home or one that is undergoing repairs, such as an addition. For homeowners who want to  add an extra room to their home, reticulation systems are frequently required. A replenishable reticulation system, termite barrier must be installed between an existing home's foundation and a recently poured concrete slab, according to Malaysian standards. In this situation, we'd install a termite reticulation line beneath the slab where the old and new slabs connect so that it can be replenished once the chemical has reached the end of its useful life. We re-fill the line and reconnect it. The termiticide enters the system at a specific pressure, travels through the line, and disperses to create a termite-free zone.

Termite Reticulation System

Our System

There may be different types of termite reticulation system available in the market, with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, we utilize the latest technology to come out with our system with a pending patent. One advantage is that the reticulation system, termite exterminator may be simply refreshed without having to drill through concrete if there is rapid access to the perimeter of the property (direct access to the soil).