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Kilstant White Ants has been appointed to secure the Istana Hinggap Negeri Sembilan against termites since April 2013. The company's performance has been demonstrated with a professional work high technical capability and providing the best solutions.

Kilstant White Ants is an expert for using new methods and solutions called the Kilstant Reticulation System to further improve the practices in the best wat to avoid termite attack while keepint with an eco-friendly solution to the enviroment. 

This has benefited to the new high profile project. We highly recommend Syarikat Kilstant White Ants and their innovative termite system, Kilstant Reticulation System to any client.

Nik Abdullah Mu'az Nik Mohd Kamel

Project Director

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Kilstant has been a very attentive and reliable contractor for our project (2 and a half storey residential bungalow) at The Peak, Ampang.  They have been pro-active, quick to identify potential problems and resolve them.

Their Kilstant Reticulation System was a new concept to our client, but Kilstant were there to support us with any questions and doubts throughout planning and installation. We were happy with the testing and commissioning of the system and we are pleased with the outcome thus far.


We highly recommend them.

Mark Chew
Project Manager
Acasys Technology Sdn Bhd

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Group Chief Corporate Officer

I was recommended Kilstant by my architect. From the day I met Kilstant White Ants, they have been very professional. The staffs are very polite and they get the work done very professionally, as per my requirement. 

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Stalin Raj

Discovered recently that the main door at home was totally eaten up termites.I got referred to Kilstant by a mutual friend gave them a call and Kilstant Management was at my house the same night. 


They gave me a technical rundown on what they were looking for, their habits, and how to avoid future possible incidences. And they got the job done within the next day. I highly recommend their services, and if I need any other home services, they will be the first I call

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Happened to be cleaning my kitchen cabinets one Sunday morning and to any home owner's horror, I discovered the tell tale sign of termites. 


My mind immediately raced as I did a mental calculation of the budget I had currently in my bank account and the cost of the getting a pest control person in to handle the problem. As with termites, the issue has to be deal with immediately. 


My family member recommended Kilstant and I called them immediately. Kanishen himself came to my home within 3 working days and assessed the situation. To my relief, they would start work the next weekend to prevent further damage, and could arrange payment terms. 


The works was done very professionally and completed within 5 hours. 


Thus far, I have no repeat issue of the termites problem and their service comes with a 2 year gurantee. 

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