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The founder, Mr. Balakrishnan,  was born on 5th February 1949, and raised in Changkat Salak Estate, Perak. He attended school in Clifford, Kuala Kangsar. Life in the estate was rough, tough and to grow out of the circle to find opportunities was the only way. Education didn't side him due to family, financial circumstances.

The only way out of poverty is to pick up a skill and start a business or career out of it. He moved to Ipoh on a bus and started his journey and life. He worked wtih a well known Pest Control company known as Kilsure White Ant Co before moving on his own and starting Kilstant White Ants in 1975.


The man is often quiet, observant & creative to think of a solution. Mr.Balakrishnan founded the patented Advance Termite Reticulation System. The Rest is History !


Mr.Kanishen helms the position of the business development, and creative strategist of Kilstant. He holds the responsibility of growing the brand, business and strategizing the moves to ensure the growth is sustainable, and creating the needs of businesses and building owners.

He collaborated ideas of implementation and further improving the patented Termite Reticulation System from the drawing board to ground works and forth. 

Mr.Kanishen holds an Engineering degree and is creative person naturally. Apart from business and work, he is fond of strategizing growth, exploring, reading fitness, sports, traveling dancing & music. He can be reached out at on his social media pages (clickable link)

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