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Soil Treatment
Termite Soil Treatment in Malaysia, Termite Soil Treatment in Ipoh, Termite Soil Treatment in Selango

Soil Treatment work is an effective method of eradication/control against termites during the course of Construction.

This termite prevention method is common and practiced among many Pest Control Operators.

This is the best time to protect the building from termites is applying termiticide before building is built. This termite service is carried out during the building construction stage.

This will form a termite chemical barrier between ground slab and masonry that will prevent the Termites to approach the building.

It is important that this termite treatment is carried out concurrently with the construction schedule, hence cooperation from the contractor is needed to carry out the work successfully.

The formation of this termiticide barrier is carried out in stages in conjunction with the building programme as follows​

  • 1st Stage –

  • 2nd  Stage – 

  • 3rd Stage –

Spray on the Pile Cap

Ground Beam & Floor

Final Spray around Perimeter, Floor/ Apron Area

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Pre-construction soil treatment is a type of surface treatment that creates a horizontal barrier for termites. All surface sprays will be administered as a coarse spray to ensure consistent distribution over the concrete-covered soil surface areas. The goal of a chemical termite soil treatment is to create a chemically treated zone between the structure's wood and other cellulose materials and any termite colonies in the soil. Syarikat Kilstant White Ants will offer a homogeneous treated zone in the soil around crucial areas, such as along the interior of foundation walls and around plumbing, bath traps, utility services, and other elements that will penetrate the slab when we do the pre-construction soil treatment

Why Pre-Construction

Although termites are not disease carriers, they can cause serious damage to your building's structural integrity or the value of your house when they infest. Furthermore, if your property is destroyed by termites, it will lose value or require restoration. As a result, it is strongly advised that property developers and homeowners treat the land before construction. The termiticide is sprayed under and around the concrete base during the pre-construction phase before the concrete slabs are laid on the ground.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Why Termite Soil Treatment

Pre-construction soil treatment


To reduce the likelihood of termite infestation, take action as soon as possible. Termite prevention methods taken early on might save money on repair expenditures due to structural damage.

Termite Soil Treatment


Termites are extremely adept at eluding detection, making them difficult to detect without specialised training. Preventing them from causing harm to your property before it is too late.

Termite Soil Treatment


We utilize the latest technology and our soil treatment service comes with a warranty. This is to ensure that your property is protected from termites in the long run. We aim to deliver solutions to all.

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