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Termites Attack High Rise in Bangsar South

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Kilstant White Ants was called to assess the Termite Issues that has arise at one of the many condominiums and phases that were built in Bangsar South.

We assess the

  • one of the tenant's property,

  • water tank at the highest floor (we believe it's the 12th floor)

  • common areas,

1) Tenant Property:

As we can see that the cabinets are all damages and has visible termite attacks and damages. The usual damages are the books, newspaper and even bedsheet. Live termites can be seen foraging, defending and moving about during the assessment

1) Water Tank Room (Level 12)

It's a surprise to us too that the termites has traveled all the way up to the water tank section of the building and built their nest. The water tank is a room that has not been regularly inspected and very little to no human movement unless required to. The logic is if a termites has traveled all the way up to the water tank section of the building, it is certain that the whole building is infected.

This is a termite educational and informational blog. Termites are a organized building & structurally damaging pest. This pest is a common problem and issue in Malaysia, South East Asia & other parts.

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