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Termite Replenishable System | Patented | Malaysia | Dubai

Planning to build a new building, bungalow, villa or something special for a client, or yourself? You have looked through the details of structure, design and interior design but do you know that's prone to destruction by termite activity be it in the Tropical Climate of Malaysia or the sandy deserts of Gulf Country.

Introducing Kilstant Reticulation System, patented termite replenishable system from Malaysia. The system is a 100% Made in Malaysia system that has been tested, installed for Villas, Bungalows and Properties in Malaysia and the Royal Properties of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai. Watch the Video below to understand further.

Feature on Bernama TV:

✳️ The system is patented ®️ in Malaysia & Dubai and developed in stages. Our system has been installed for various projects such as:

  1. Za'abeel Palace, Dubai in United Arab Emirates

  2. VIP Majlis Block in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Palace of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

  4. Government Hospitals such as Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Sri Aman, Hospital Tawau

  5. Private Bungalows around Malaysia

✳️ Our termite system is sought after by architects, interior designers, builders, home & building owners.

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