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Kilstant White Ants
Termite Engineering & Management Co Since 1975

Termite Soldier Ant



Syarikat Kilstant White Ants is a fully integrated pest control company focusing on, end-to-end Termite Control, Management, and Solutions provider headquartered in Ipoh, with branches in Taiping & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Syarikat Kilstant White Ants aims to be the TOP & fully integrated, end-to-end pest control company focusing on Termite Management Solutions provider in Malaysia. We dare to dream that our Patented Termite Systems will protect your building & be widely used by the Construction Industry

Termites also known as white ants are extremely damaging pest to your property. Watch the video to believe us !

As an established pest control company in Ipoh & Kuala Lumpur focusing on termite management, we understand your concern about intrusion of this pest in your property. Termites are all over Malaysia and they attack all types of buildings be it Landed or High Rise

As a building owner, you should learn some tips to know and understand this pest. Termites have common entry points and signs in buildings. 

Termite Penthouse Damage in Kuala Lumpur

This would make you a smart home and building owner. For more termite tips, you can click here: Termite Tips & Entry Points

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Their termite replenishable system was a new concept to our client, but Kilstant were there to support us with any questions and doubts throughout planning and installation. They have been pro-active, quick to identify potential problems and resolve them. We were happy with the testing and commissioning of the system and we are pleased with the outcome thus far.

We highly recommend them.


Tidalmarine Engineering

Kuala Lumpur

Kilstant White Ants has been appointed to secure the Istana Hinggap Negeri Sembilan with their termite replenishable system against termites. The company's performance has been demonstrated  with a professional work high technical capability and providing the best solution

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