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Top Tricks Of White Ant Treatment At Home

White Ant Treatment At Home

5 Effective Natural White Ant Treatment At Home Techniques

If you like wood furniture, support beams, or anything else made of wood, you might be looking for a weapon to fight your deadliest adversary. Many treatments claim to completely eliminate these pests, only to leave you dissatisfied time after time with a new wave of adversaries to contend with. If you want to avoid using store-bought solutions and tackle the chore on your own, here are some natural ways to get rid of termites that truly work.

#1 Boric Acid for Termite Treatment At Home

Boric acid is a natural insecticide and wood preservative that does not kill termites when they come into contact with it. When termites ingest boric acid from their bodies, the acid inhibits them from extracting nutrition from what they are consuming, no matter how much they eat. This sort of acid is normally in powder form and can be sprayed straight from the container or diluted with water.

Although this sort of acid is best used outside, you can use it indoors by mixing one teaspoon of acid with one cup of warm water in a spray bottle. Simply shake the bottle until the substance is completely dissolved, then use as needed. Use this procedure for about a week and then check for indicators of its impact on the places you've treated.

#2 Diatomaceous Earth White Ant Treatment

Diatomaceous Earth is a special sort of sand that is made up of fossilised algae. It has a wide range of applications, including health benefits. This sand can also be used as a termite treatment at-home method, which is a lesser-known application. This sand is non-toxic to humans, however, it is extremely hazardous to pests. Since the diatoms that make up this material have razor-sharp edges, diatomaceous earth possesses razor-sharp particles.

When these edges come into touch with the pest's outer covering, they cut through it, allowing moisture to escape from its body. DE pesticides have absorptive properties and absorb all moisture. The delicate water balance of an insect prevents it from surviving.

#3 White Vinegar White Ant Treatment

Mix together the juice of two lemons and half a cup of white vinegar to kill termites. Spray this combination into the mud holes that are entrances or onto the actual mounds that you see. If done correctly, this concoction will sink deep into the crevasses and grooves to kill the pests. Repeat the process of spraying this mixture for a few days and then check to see if it has been successful.

#4 Neem Oil Termite Exterminator

The seeds and fruits of a neem tree are used to make neem oil. The reproductive mechanism of insects is disrupted by this oil. When a termite consumes the oil, it alters the insect's hormonal system. This causes the termite to forget to eat and reproduce. This eventually prevents the termites from laying eggs, halting their spread.

*If you’re pregnant, consult your doctor before using this termite treatment at home.

#5 Salt White Ant Treatment At Home

Termites are killed by salt because they become dehydrated and die. All you have to do is mix together salt and warm water in a regular quart jar. It's best if there's a lot of salt. This treatment will most likely not kill all of the termites, but it will be a decent prophylactic measure or for a lesser termite infestation.

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