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What You Need to Know About White Ants or Advance Termite System for homes?

Updated: May 22, 2023

A termite reticulation or termite piping system is a network of underground pipes strategically installed during the construction of a home and building. Its purpose & objective is to provide a smarter management and protection against termites for buildings. The system can be replenished with termiticide with specialized equipment and pumps.

There’s a range of termite reticulation system brands on the market. The Kilstant Reticulation System has been studied, researched and tested at site by consultants and engineers locally in Malaysia and Internationally in the sands of Dubai site to ensure the deliverability & the functionality of the system.

The main benefit is that the

  1. System provides immediate access of termite infestation underneath the building and the property without needing to resort to drilling and hacking method.

  2. System also ensures the surrounding within the building is likely to be smell free without the need to spray termiticide on the surface.

  3. System ensures to mitigate the risk of chemical airborne thus providing a much safer environment

  4. System can be replenished with any kind of termite chemical. If at all, there is advancement in the future to use green based non-chemical against termites, the system already provides the infrastructure to do so.

  5. The system provides injection points in neat injection boxes for chemical reinjection purpose

Advance Termite System Injection Box
Termite Reinjection Points

Termite reticulation systems can be used on a new home or one that’s undergoing renovations as well as landscape.

The Kilstant Reticulation System observes the Malaysian Standard & British Standard for the material usage. The termiticide goes in at a certain pressure, through the line, and disperses to form a termite treated zone.

Replenishing effectively

Termite Reticulation System Installation Dubai
Termite Reticulation System Installation Dubai

The system is checked thoroughly before the subsequent works are done. Upon this installation, we will apply the methods required to ensure the delivery of the system works well. Propriety methods are used to ensure no pipes, fittings are clogged and blocked in this process.

Termite Reticulation System Installation Dubai underneath sand bedding

Over here, you can see the chemical spots forming upon successful filling of the sand.

This ensures the chemical is spread evenly and thoroughly well beneath the building after erection.

More information on Advance Termite System for Homes at

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