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Smart Way to Protect New Home from White Ants - Why Highly Consider?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

✳️ If you're building your dream home or recently purchased a sub-sale property and planning to renovate then your MUST watch this video.

✳️ Here we will explain why protecting your home from termites is important and how to become smart home user to protect your home and building against this nasty damaging pest known as termites.

✳️ The winning Advance Termite Replenishable System is installed for home owners who are concerned of:

  1. Termite as a Structural Damaging Pest - Effective way to control & manage

  2. Home Owners who are installing expensive fittings and etc - Home Security

  3. Keeping Pets at home - Worry Free if chemical affects Pets

  4. Children at home - Worry Free if chemical affects Kids

  5. Old Folks and parents at home - No Airborne smell which will humans

✳️ This advance termite system can be installed and applicable to:

  1. During stages of Construction during the ground structural works

  2. If you are considering the system for an existing built property and renovating, then you can highly apply this system before the tiling works

  3. Landscape to protect your garden and trees.

✳️ The future of termite prevention and security for your buildings from within.

✳️ The system is patented ®️ in Malaysia 🇲🇾 and developed in stages. Our system has been installed for various projects such as:

1️⃣ Za'abeel Palace, Dubai in United Arab Emirates

2️⃣ Palace of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

3️⃣ Government Hospitals such as Hospital Putrajaya, Hospital Sri Aman, Hospital Tawau

4️⃣ Private Bungalows around Malaysia

✳️ Our termite system is sought after by architects, interior designers, builders, home & building owners.

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