How and Why Termites attack Trees

Updated: Jul 20

Termites are known to munch and attack wood related items. Trees are no different and we have established that termites are after cellulose in this materials

Cellulose is the sugar for termites and trees contain them. But why isn't all trees getting attacked from termites. Some are fine but Some aren't !

Well the reason for this is:

  1. Health of the Tree

  2. Tree's Immune System

  3. Age of the Tree (Young or Old Trees)

  4. Type of trees (Soft or Hard Wood)

Trees do age, get sick just like human. Termite attack weak, sick, dying trees. They also attack trees that are weaker with immune system.

And comparatively, termites are favorable to soft wood as opposed to hard wood like (cengal, nyatoh, balau, jati and etc). This is one of the reasons why furniture made from chipboard, softwood material has higher tendency to termite attack and hard wood is expensive $$$$$$

Termite Mudtubes can be seen on the tree as the first line of attack on trees they find weak. If you notice this lines of this Termite Mudtubes on tree barks, it's a sign that termites are foraging

Besides singular mutube lines, there's also soil or mud paste like that covers the whole bark of the tree. It usually looks like a bark but it's not. Usually termites forage behind this mud looking signs

This tree bark clearly shows active termites are attacking the tree. It's a matter of time, this tree will be damaged and possibly become their nest. This would be dangerous if you have your home or building nearby and termites will start to spread to the nearest source for food.


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