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Can Termites Eat Plastic?

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Yes and no.

Termites cannot eat through plastic. However, they may try to break through plastic to access a food source

While termites only feed on items with a cellulose compound, it's not uncommon for termites to use their serrated jaws to chew through plastic barriers. When it comes to wood, termites will do whatever they can to gnaw through blockades.

Termites mandible can chew through thin plastic sheets but it's not their choice of food source. Have a look at the plastic garbage chewed from termite activity to access their food source

As we can see from here it's clear termite mandible can chew plastic material to reach the food source with ease. For example, Formosan termites can eat through PVC pipes.

This is a termite educational and informational video. Termites are an organized structural damaging pest. This pest is a common problem and issue in Malaysia and South East Asia

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