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Why do Termite Create Mud Tubes ?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Termites create mud tubes for these reasons:

  • Protect themselves from external disturbance

  • Protect their movements

  • Termite mud tubes functions as a tunnel or highway to reach their food source without disturbance

There are usually two types of Mud Tubes common in Malaysia and South East Asia constructed by subterranean termites in your property.

1. Working Mudtubes

Working tubes highly used by the termite colonies. They transport hundreds to thousands of termites from nests to food sources daily. Working mud tubes functions as a highway. Some are used to transport food, and some are used to carry materials to construct, repair and bring food back.

2. Exploratory Mudtubes

As the title explains, this mudtubes are used to forage food.The mud tubes may appear empty but they still indicate the presence of termites

This is a termite educational and informational blog. Termites are a organized building & structurally damaging pest. This pest is a common problem and issue in Malaysia, South East Asia & other parts.


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