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Beware! What is Underneath the Artificial Grass?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Do you have Artificial Grass in Your house?

Have you come across Termites Crawling underneath or using Artificial Grass as a secure pathway into a landed property.

This is an eye opener since many homes install artificial grass and rarely check underneath them. This artificial grass can be damp, hides direct sunlight and serves as a protection for termites to build their Mud-tubes Underneath.

Termite Tips

  1. Artificial Grass is easy to maintain but the can termite activity due to dampness & no human disturbance.

  2. Check underneath the Artificial Grass Sparingly

This video is taken in Klang, Selangor .

This is a termite educational and informational video. Termites are a organized building & structurally damaging pest. This pest is a common problem and issue in Malaysia and South East Asia

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