Can & Why do Termites Eat Card box & Shoebox?

Yes termites easily damage & rip apart shoeboxes and card boxes. Hence our first line of defense and advise to all home owners out there is quit hoarding your colorful shoeboxes in the store room.

Shoeboxes are easy to bite and tear apart with the strong mandible of termites. These Boxes be it Shoe Boxes, TV Boxes, Light Boxes and all forms of Card Boxes are made from Cellulose material which termites strive and look for. Have a look at the images and videos in this article for your understanding.

Nice boxes are not meant to attract unwanted visitors to your home especially Termites !

So our advice to homeowners is to use plastic containers to store your belongings and items and not utilize boxes like this especially those in the store room as this will attract termites to your home easily.

It's a buffet spread ready for termites to devour and enjoy themselves.


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