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Malaysia's Best Termite Piping System installed at Royal Projects of His Highness in Dubai

Updated: May 23, 2023

Dubai Termite Reticulation System
Royal Majlis Entrance

Kilstant Sdn Bhd Malaysia once again is proud to be the company from Malaysia to be summoned by the Royal Engineering Team to protect the Royal Majlis building at Nad Al Sheba belonging to HH Sheikh Mohamad Rashid Bin Al Maktoum against Termite Issues in Dubai, UAE

The termite piping system or termite reticulation system installation at the Royal Majlis Block goes as following:

  • Planning in Advance using Construction Drawing

  • Site Assessment

  • Planning & Coordinating the System Layout

  • Executing the System accordingly

  • Ensuring the system works accordingly

  • Ensuring all compliance

Malaysia's Kilstant Team for the Advance Termite System for the Royal Properties
The team from Malaysia led by the Director, Mr.Kanishen and followed by the installation specialists Mr. Vijayakumar, Mr.Sitha & Mr.Krishnan

1) Planning Stages

Planning the Advance Termite System layout

It all begins with the construction drawing once it reaches our hand, and the preliminary works begin to plan the layout to cover all areas as much as possible for the review of the consultants and engineers

Adjustment will be made accordingly to the site as we progress.

2) Assessment

Site assesment before installation of the Malaysia's Advance Termite Piping System
Site assesment before installation of the Malaysia's Advance Termite Piping System

Team arrived on 5th September 2022 to initiate the works. Before initiating the works, site assessment is made the expectation of the client to understand the delivery of the Advance Termite System for the Royal Property belonging to the His Highness is met. This building serves as the Royal Gathering of His Highness and the importance on the world stage to ensure the building is safe and secured is very important.

3) Planning & Coordinating the System Layout - Executing Site Work

Termite Reticulation System Site Assessment, Malaysia, Dubai, Middle East
Termite Reticulation System Installation
Planning the Termite Reticulation System Layout Works and Installation, Dubai, Middle East & Malaysia
System Layout Works and Installation

Advance Termite System layout covering all necessary and critical areas, Dubai, Middle East & Asia
Kilstant Coverall
Hacking the Ground Beam to allow system penetration, Dubai & Asia
Unpacking all the items and material arriving from Malaysia

Man Adjusting Termite Reticulation System at Site in Dubai
Termite Reticulation Covers Every Possible Termite Entry Points at Site

The Malaysian termite piping system covers every possible areas and angles so that termites do not get access into the royal villas from underground.

The image beside shows the system circulating all the ground beam or tie beam with dispenser attached along the system at every interval.

The system is specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention.

Advance Termite Piping System covering Pipe Inlets & Outlets

This system would also include all the critical entry points such as Toilets, Wet Area, Staircase, Kitchen Cabinets, Perimeter, Ablution Area and etc.

Piping Inlets or Outlets are also a very important zone to cover with the termite replenishable system because these are the termite entry zones.

Image beside shows the Advance Termite Reticulation System Circulation the Piping Inlets and Outlets

4) Ensuring the system works accordingly - Liquid Flow Test Before Lean Concrete & DPM Works

Termite Piping System test run

The liquid flow test is very important to show the efficacy of the system as shown and depicted as per in the image.

The floor slab beneath the building which will be the earth will be protected with chemical (termiticide) barrier.

Termiticide chemical will be injected via available points and can be periodically replenished.

5) Testing, Witnessing & Reporting

The System undergoes rigorous inspection by the consultants assigned specifically by the Royal Team (Facilities Management) to ensure it passes the installation, compliances and deliverability at every stage and angle

Termite Piping system inspection by Engineers & Consultants at the Royal Site in Dubai
Termite Piping system inspection by Engineers & Consultants at the Royal Site in Dubai

Termite Piping system inspection by Engineers & Consultants at the Royal Site in Dubai

Another Perspective View of the Majlis Block:

Dubai Termite Reticulation System
VIP Majlis Entrance - Perspective 2

Site view of Burj Dubai for the office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Royal Property of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum protected by Malaysia's Kilstant Reticulation System (Advance Termite Reticulation System)

We thank the Engineering Office of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum & the Main Contractors team to entrust and allowing Kilstant Malaysia to showcase, install our reputable Advance Termite Reticulation System to protect the Royal Buildings and Villas belonging to the Ruler of Dubai. We want to ensure the system serves, protects the building for a long term in sustainable manner against termites.

More Information about our Advance Termite System here:

This system is brought to you by Kilstant International & Kilstant Sdn Bhd

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